What movie is bringing these badass looking helicopters to Seattle?
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So there's been a group of military helicopters flying around downtown Seattle today. My friend saw a film set outside of her office building. We're pretty sure they're connected. But is there a place I can go to see what films are currently being filmed at what locations? If Keanu's here, we wanna take him to lunch.

Just kidding about Neo. But where can I find out what film it is?
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There's also a huge protest and march downtown today at 4, maybe that's it?
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The Hollywood Reporter (print and online) has current and future production listings, etc. Unfiortuantely, it requires a subscription. Variety has its Film Production Charts here.
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I find no films "in production" with Seattle as the "location" when searching Variety's listings.
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The Mayor's Office of Film and Music (www.seattle.gov/filmandmusic/)
(206) 684-0903.
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I would guess that it's the May Day immigration march and protest. We have a bunch of helicopters flying around downtown Chicago for the same reason.
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It is Loyalty Day, you know.
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