Korean Soapstone Pots
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How does one properly heat a Korean soapstone pot? Looking for that mad-hottedness that makes the rice so crunchy and delicious...

I just got my pots in the mail. I've read that I should fill them half up with salt water and boil, then season with sesame oil. Got it. But, when I am ready to make my bibimbab, how is the pot heated? In the oven? Stovetop? What temperatures can they take? Do they need re-seasoning after cooking?

I've already got recipes and marinades, but I wouldn't mind hearing any good ones. I'm not a kitchen noob. I really am just curious about Korean technique.
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When using soapstone kitchenware products avoid sudden changes in temperature and avoid direct flame heating of stone. Avoid direct contact with flat Cook-top surfaces. A steel type trivet can be used to elevate cookware from these surfaces.
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This page has some more detailed advice on soapstone in general, as well as a book about soapstone cookware at the bottom of the page.
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Response by poster: For anyone still following this thread, I had to find the answer through experimentation. Here are the results: Heat the seasoned stone pot EMPTY in a 500F oven for a half hour or so. Cook your rice, marinated beef and veggies on the stovetop and set aside. Carefully remove pots from oven, as they are now volcano-hot. Put the rice in the stone pot, and then top with veg and meats and an egg if you like. Then deliver sizzling to table and it's soo good.

It helps the crunchiness if your rice is a little on the damp side. By the way, you can find the bowls and some marinades from KOA mart.
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