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What is the cheapest source of Laser Tag guns? Including DIY solutions.

I recently played Laser Tag, and it seems I have discovered something I am brilliant at, but never knew it. I'm a killer with the laser gun!

In any case, now I want to purchase a set of these Laser Tag guns and set myself up a playing field with friends. Optimally, I'd like to do this outdoors and not just indoors.

However, I'm having a bit of a problem getting a good source for the equipment that does not cost 20.000€. Is there any way of getting the equipment for under $100 a set? I'm open to building this myself, but I could do other work in the time I spend and make more than the savings.

I found this site: for DIY.

Anybody else know of a cheap supplier of complete equipment?
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This seems to be the current consumer-grade model. A thorough Google for "Lazer Tag Team Ops" may provide significant savings -- prices seem to vary widely.
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As long as you promise not to give these to a child who is desperately hoping for a laser tag set, you could get these.

Damn Photon and their stupid helmets. I looked ridiculous. That damn laser tag looked so cool. I had Gobots too. C'mon!
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By the way, I just sent out an e-mail to several of my friends suggesting that we all buy these and meet at a local park one evening soon, so thanks for the inspiration.
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MilesTag is a DIY set that I think I have read about on mefi before. See That's all I know about it, but it looks like something I'd get into if I had unlimited funds and time.
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