What are the best miniature-golf videogames?
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What are the best miniature-golf video and computer games?

Video games (current-generation and otherwise), full computer games and even Flash and Web games are candidates. And it's okay if the mini-golf is part of a larger game--just a mode or a mini-game or something. I'd prefer multiplayer console games, but I'd happily make exceptions.
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Best answer: Honestly--the best mini-golf game I've played in years was part of a pop-up ad for Orbitz. I have no idea how to summon it at will, but whenever it deigned to appear on my screen it immediately resulted in fifteen minutes of lost productivity. What a fickle and demanding lover you were, Orbitz pop-up ad.

Runner-up: didn't Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 have a pretty sweet mini-golf game?
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P.S. Google turned this up for me--now you can play the Orbitz game whenever you want (scroll down), along with a bunch of other mini-golf games.
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Best answer: The XBox Live Arcade has one called “3D Ultra MiniGolf Adventures”. It supports multiplayer, and there's a free trial version.
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Best answer: What's your definition of mini-golf? Casual simplistic and not too challenging?

Having never been much of a fan of "real" golf, I've discovered that I love Links 2004 on the old XBox - lots of quick jump-in modes, multiplayer on one console, and can also be played via system link...
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Best answer: Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll for the DS has the coolest mini-golf mini game I've ever played. If you have a DS or you've been considering buying the system anyway, check that one out.
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Best answer: - I always liked Mario Golf Toadstool Tour on Gamecube
- Additionally Zany Golf was great on the Apple II
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Best answer: The Super Monkey Ball games have fun mini-golf minigames. (The first one is the best). Also, the Hot Shots Golf games usually have good mini-golf games in them.

And yeah, Mario Golf for the N64 has a nice mini-golf, and it's just a great game overall.
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Response by poster: By mini-golf, I mean miniature golf, the game played with only a putter on tiny courses that typically feature artificial grass and rely on either a billiardsesque knowledge of geometry or the kind of sense of timing that lets the player avoid windmills and the jaws of alligators.
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If you happen to have a Sidekick, then you can play networked miniature golf on the go with minigolf. May look a bit simple, but it's actually pretty fun, especially when your buddy shoots into the water. It's one of the better sidekick games out there (made by the same people who made armored strike).
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Oh man, Zany Golf.... the memories...
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Best answer: Mario Golf: Advance Tour on Gameboy Advance is my favorite golf game ever, beating out Hot Shots Golf for PSP by a hair. Plus, if you have a GameCube and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, you can transfer characters and statistics.
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Pandaf Golf isn't the best of the bunch, but it's designed like a platformer, so it plays differently than other golf games and is fun in its own way.
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