Getting my prints sent to me.
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What's the best mail-order digital photo printing service for Australians at the moment?

We want to arrange for a pack of prints to be made and mailed out to some relatives in a few weeks. All the brand-name places (Fuji, Kodak etc.) are hideously expensive (25c a print)., who we've used in the past, have a website that's falling apart, an unusuable interface, and generally look extremely dodgy and untrustworthy, despite their good prices. What other options are there? And who is the best option for getting special orders like bound photobooks done?
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I came up with this list shortly before moving to Australia from the US, in October 2005. To be honest I've not followed up on any of them, but with any luck some may be useful to you. I recall that 001 002 and 003 were so named because they were the best pricewise.

Since being here I've used Digilab for my printing, but they're hideously expensive compared even to your name brand places. I use them because they do beautiful work and make my photography look as good as possible.
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Hm. Disregard those top three, it would appear faces isn't doing prints anymore and the other two are kodak and fuji. So sorry...
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getdigital (also seem to be called qfl)works out of a lot of chemist shops. they're 13cents a print if you do over a hundred. i use them all the time, for the snaps of the new baby.

they use kodak paper too.

they're the cheapest i've ever ever ever seen, even when folks are doing sales.... "hardly normal"/harvey norman, still only get as low as 19c, as does snapfish who have a special on at the moment.

i know qfl look dodgey online, and they aren't online if you have to go to the chemist.... .but if you can overlook that, they're cheap as chips.

best of luck.... i'd just get orf me arse and go to the chemist... but that's me. i'm a bit of a scab.
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Digilab look like the prices are good for large prints... I shall have to ask them what the postage is.
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