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What are some examples of small or mid-sized brands that succeeded in significantly increasing awareness of their brand through viral advertising?
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Vans, back in the day. Malcolm Gladwell used them as a case study in The Tipping Point.
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Go Daddy.
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Hush Puppies?
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Burt's Bees, Tom's of Maine
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No, seriously. When was the last time you saw an ad for Google?
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Best answer: Err...Blendtec blenders, not Blandtec. Here's an inteview with their marketing director regarding the huge impact of their viral video.
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Essentially, considering the miniscule promotional budgets common in the publishing industry these days, the whole of the book business is run on viral marketing these days, save perhaps 100 exceptional books each year, which do get major advertising. The same thing could possibly be said of the music business, except for the weirdness that is radio - not viral, but not normal advertising, either.
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Pretty Flowers?
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force.. oh wait, that "backfired." *snicker*
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Response by poster: Thanks. Hints as to why the thing was viral and/or how it worked are helpful.
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