Removing Dog Hair from a Car
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Needed: Advice for removing dog hair from a car I'm about to sell.

Tape works well for upholstery, but what about stubborn hair embedded in carpet? All the 50 cent vacuum rentals suck. Uhhh, I mean they don't suck.
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Depending on how new the car is (and how flush with cash you may be), you may want to invest $100 or so in a professional detailing.
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Some pet stores sell a "sponge" made out of rubber that just wipes that stuff right off. Here's an example. (results probably depend on type of hair, but I was pretty impressed with the results)
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I second mr_crash_davis. Especially if the car is worth more than $4000. A hundred bucks in a great detailing job can add $300-500 in resale value.
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what breed?
because it depends -- short hair, longer, really long.

and what about the upholstery? nylon, alcantara, etc, what?
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Is dog hair like cat hair? I recently learned that a rubber kitchen glove does a really good job of loosening deeply embedded cat fur from upholstery. For the $1 they cost, it's worth a shot, right?
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Yeah, have the car detailed unless it's a total beater.

Those sponges, I have found, don't work as well on nappy things, like my couch. Grrr.

Perhaps try spraying some static guard on the rugs to help loosen the hair and then go over the carpets with a borrowed shop vac. You can also go over it with the suspiciously named Love Glove, which is about the only thing I've found that even begins to address the cat hair embedded deep in my stupid nappy couch.
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Ever heard of the Malamute Husky? Your problems are nothing compared to the nightmare that is my life.
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....anyways I go in a circular motion to remove doghairs, and thenh shampoo the carpet.
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I own a dog with long hair that flows from her body in the spring. My girlfriend recently found this tool and I have to say it works amazingly well. It's really just a squeegee, but it was a great purchase.

In your future cars, I highly recommend a seat cover for dogs, if you want to preserve any resale value. The hair can be removed, but that "damp dog smell" remains for a long time.
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