How do I play a SoundScan CD?
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Long ago I asked a question about locating a hard to find song. Well, I finally did, but it is on a SoundScan CD. Any way to listen to it? [more inside]

This is the horrid Christmas song "Jingle-O the Brownie"- the one no one belives exists but me....I have a SoundScan disk that contains the song, but I do not have a proper player for it. I belive the SoundScan disk players are slower than average CD players, as the disk is designed to hold more songs. SoundScan disks are usually used in retail stores where changing the disk frequently would be difficult to do.
I have a Mac and a PC, and I have not intention of doing anything illegal with the song (copying it or otherwise). I am attending a party this Friday where several of my unbelieving friends will be, and I wish to simply and finally play this awful thing for them, once and for all proving its existence. Any suggestions?
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