Looking for a wedding photographer in Edinburgh
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a wedding photographer in the Edinburgh (Scotland) area?

I'm getting married there next year and the one job I've been allocated is finding a photographer.. but though we're getting married there, we don't really know anyone in the area, so don't have any personal recommendations... thanks in advance.
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I'm an American who used to work in Scotland, and frequently had to use a photographer at my events. I *loved* working with a guy in Stirlingshire named John Rae. His website is here. He does weddings, and the quality of his work is phenominal, and he's an absolutely lovely person to do business with. I'm recommend him - or use him - again in a heartbeat.
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What sort of budget are you looking for? Is this a huge affair, or are you trying to keep it quiet?
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Response by poster: What sort of budget are you looking for? Is this a huge affair, or are you trying to keep it quiet?

It's one of those things where I've got no idea how much these things cost... so hard to say. It's a big wedding, happy to pay for a good service, but no desire to spend money unneccessarily.
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How funny, I'm looking for the exact same thing! I was just about to post this question tonight.

I tried craigslist and even contacted a few photographers I found through Google to no avail (most didn't even get back to me). I'm definitely watching this thread.
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I'd be too biased to recommend someone here, but I do know a fair few likely people via my work. If you want me to pass your details on to the best so they can pitch either of you, drop me a line.
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May I suggest using the referral service at www.photographers.co.uk? As a professional myself (outside the area) I can vouch for its efficacy as a way of finding a good professional photographer for your wedding day.

Jon Silver
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Relaxed Contemporary Photography

Hi my name is Beverley Ellis and I am a wedding photographer specialising in reportage photojournalistic wedding photography.

My website is www.ellis-gibsonphotography.com

Please take a look and if interested get back to me, I guarantee a first class with a very competitive price.

hope to hear from you


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