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Easyjet promo codes/ flight to london from edinburgh -help !

hi, we need to connect with a flight leaving london stansted mid june, we're leaving from edinburgh and our budget is limited - we dont know whether to get the train or a budget flight from edinburgh - the current easyjet promo code would be very helpful ! or some wizard link to a site about flights - i really have no clue about this sort of thing so cheers for bearing with me : )
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Should be a good start ... £23 most every day but Sundays in June, believe most of them are easyJet.
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Of course, that £22.99 is only if you are willing to travel at 6:20 a.m. and pay with Visa Electron. It's £23.99 to pay with any other debit card or £27.94 to pay with a credit card. And you'll have to get to Edinburgh airport somehow.

For £24.50 you can get an advance purchase train ticket from Edinburgh to Stansted Airport. The trip will take 5-6 hours, but you can choose the time instead of having to check-in at early o'clock in the morning.

(Including more details about the date and time you need to be at Stansted would get you much better results.)
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