Sometimes a pianist is not just a pianist
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Shoot the Piano Player, The Beat My Heart Skipped, Five Easy Pieces, and . . .

Other past-piano-player (or in the case of Shoot the Piano player, ex-virtuoso now bar piano player) films?
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The Piano
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Oh I didn't parse the past piano player part (too many Ps ;) at first. I'm pretty sure there was one starring Tyrone Power, will try to find.
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Shine? Or do you only want films where the pianist stops playing the piano completely?
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In The Birthday Party (based on the Harold Pinter play of the same name), the main character, Stanley Webber, is a former piano player.
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The excellent noir film Detour from 1945 has a main character who stops playing the piano during the story.
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There's the 1978 James Toback film Fingers, on which The Beat That My Heart Skipped was based, with Harvey Keitel. Except I think he's trying to become a pianist (rather than used to be one). I haven't seen it yet but plan to...

Are you doing research, or are you a pianist yourself?
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Perhaps The Piano Teacher.
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Mad Love (aka The Hands Of Orlac) sort of fits, though the piano playing resumes after a brief interval...

And seconding Detour. Warning: it is a completely ludicrous film, but it works.
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Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore has Alice playing the piano in a bar, though I can't remember whether she is supposed to have previously been a virtuoso
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There's The Page Turner, which happens to be showing right now in NYC.
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I honestly can't recall whether the piano player ever actually quits playing in The Legend of 1900, but no list of piano-related films should be without it!
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I am also unsure whether you want films with ex-piano players or merely past films about piano players.

At any rate, The Favour, the Watch, and the Very Big Fish is an amusing absurdist comedy with a central character who is at various times in the film a pianist, a prisoner, and a creepy ex-con.

Johnny Staccato was an above-par 50's detective show about a jazz piano player who became a private dick.
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Beautiful Girls. Timothy Hutton's character visits his childhood home and wades through small town relationships to conclude he's happy playing the piano and dating a yuppie lady in the big city.
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An Oscar-nominated short from 2006, Two Hands is a documentary about Leon Fleisher, a renowned concert pianist who for many years lost the use of his right hand.
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Jeff Bridges in The Fabulous Baker Boys is a virtuoso jazz player who's stuck playing crappy bar gigs with his brother (actually played by Beau). He's playing way under his level of talent for the paychecks.
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Anatomy of a Murder, where the most ignominious scene has Jimmy Stewart pretending to sit in for Duke Ellington on piano. Note exactly what you're asking for, but related.
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Groundhog's Day

Bill Murray's character becomes a piano virtuoso.
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