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In MS Word, is there a simple way to change every underlined word in a document into italics?
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Go to Find and Replace. Look in the 'more options' pane. With the cursor in the 'Find' textbox, click the Format button, click Font and select the underline style from the 'Underline style' dropdown box. Then click OK.

Put the cursor in the replace box, go to Format > Font, and tick Italic. Then click OK, and Replace All.

Save a copy before you do this, just in case.
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Depending on the version you use, you can write click on one of the underlined words and choose "Select text with similar formatting" from the drop down box. Then deselect underline and select italics on the menu bar.
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Further to Aloysius Bear's answer, you should just be able to type Ctrl+U and Ctrl+I in the find/replace boxes, respectively, to get them to register the formatting.
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Actually, it's slightly more complicated. You have to find the underlined text, remove the underlining and add italic.

Press Ctrl-H. Put the cursor in the "Find What" box and press Ctrl-U to search for underlined text.

Then go to the "Replace With" box (press Tab) and press Ctrl-I to format the replacement as italic, and then Ctrl-U to remove the underlining.

Then press Alt-A to Replace All.
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Another method:

From the Format menu, choose Styles and Formatting--a little pane will open on the right side of the window. Click on one of the underlined things in the document. Click the "Select All" button in the pane. There'll be a box near the top that says Underline, underlined, and if you mouse over it you'll see it's a drop-down menu. Choose Modify from that drop-down menu, and change it from underlined to italics.

Alternatively, you can click New Style, change it from underlined to italics, then click the style you just made in the "Pick formatting to apply" list.

You can do this to selectively change fonts, too.
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if you want to just change to italics--what qldaddy said is really easy; just hit underline button in tool bar if want to remove the underline; no reason to make it hard
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