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Where can I buy a velvet rope in New York City?

I'm looking to purchase a velvet rope that are standard in front of clubs, restaurants, etc. Basically, where can I buy a single rope that is designed to keep out the riff raff?

Also, bonus points if the place sells red carpet.
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Probably any restaurant supply store, but I googled one to make sure I wasn't just making stuff up.
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At a lot of 99 cent stores in NYC they sell carpet-runner off of big spools (at least they do in Greenpoint where I live). Sometimes they have red.

Also call carpet places and see if they sell remnants.

No clue about the rope though.
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The product you're looking for is called Rope (the rope, duh!) and Stanchions (the posts they hook onto). A quick google search reveals, based out in Commack. Signature Fencing, in Manhattan itself, seems to specialize in plastic-tape style rope, but they might be able to help you out: There's also Miller Skytracker and Premiere Rental Services which does the whole red carpet thing for numerous special events:

If you're planning on doing this on the street, as opposed to for some sort of party in your home, keep in mind that you may well need a permit to obstruct the sidewalk.
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Paragon is a good restaurant supply store on the Bowery. It's between Houston and Prince. Actually, there are quite a number of restaurant supply stores on that block so you should be able to find your velvet rope.
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