Suggestions for a workgroup color printer for under $400?
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Suggestions for a workgroup color printer for under $400? It needs to connect to a network via ethernet.
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I've managed to avoid printers altogether up to now. But if you find something you like which doesn't do networking, remember that if you're willing to mess around a bit, you can hang it off an old 486 with linux or a *BSD and have that handle the networking and queueing etc. Should allow for buying a significantly cheaper (if probably lower quality) printer.
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At that price point, you will be out of the realm of buying a printer with an onboard ethernet port. I'd look at getting an entry level HP laserjet and adding an external print server to the parallel port.
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I can tell you to avoid Minolta Magicolor like the plague. Replacing the toners is more expensive than the whole printer, and colors start looking crappy even when they're still a bit less than half full. When one of the colors is deemed low it won't print at all, and the quality is just poopy in general.

I second the external print server recommendations.
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Hewlett Packard all the way.

I also second the old computer as a network connection if that works for you - you could also use Win98 on it if that fits in better with your network or skills.
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