How can I record streaming audio directly onto my Mac using Audacity?
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I'm looking for a tutorial on using Audacity to record streaming audio off the net. I can get it to record sound, but it seems to be doing it through my microphone with corresponding degraded quality and ambient noise.

I read instructions to use "preferences" to set the input device, but the only option it gives me in the drop down menu is "built in audio," which I assume is referring to my mac's microphone. I've tried using "system preferences" to turn off the mic's input volume, but it didn't change anything in the Audacity program.

I feel a bit sheepish asking this, since I know it's probably something very simple. I've looked through the other threads on the topic, which recommend Audacity and say that you should be able to record sound without a loss of quality, but they don't give instructions on how to actually use the program. I apologize for my computer illiteracy--how embarrassing! (>_<)
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It is easy, but I always tend to forget how to do it. Here's a helpful tutorial from the official FAQ.
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As the FAQ says, your best bet on OS X is to buy Audio Hijack.
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seconding Audio Hijack. That's how I record from etc, and also send it to wireless speakers.
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Try StreamRipperX. It will download individual streamed mp3s complete with tags. No need to mess about with Audacity. Audio Hijack is good, but StreamRipper will save you time and effort.
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*jumps up and down excitedly* thanks guys! audio hijack works perfectly!

I didn't check out streamripperx yet, lekvar, but thanks for the input.
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best windows equivalent? of streamripper or audio hijack?
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Another alternative might be Soundflower, which is an audio routing utility for OSX -- lets you pass audio from one source to another.
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**oh, and for anyone else who checks this out: there is a free version of audio hijack available, and that is what I've used. It allows you to record sound for ten minutes at a time; for more than that you would need to buy the upgrade.
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