Recommendations for non-ad-filled video-gaming websites?
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Now that Gamespy have added an advert splash page to their site, I've had enough, and I need a new place for gaming news. Who do you find the most reliable, interesting, and unbiased, for all your gaming needs?
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Penny Arcade

Ok, so it's not *really* gaming news, but it's great.

And it's about gaming, so there you go.
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I second that. In addition to Gabe and Tycho telling you how much they like or hate a particular game (and they play everything), the forums will give you an unfiltered view of how people feel about a game.

This is the second time in two days I have had the chance to use Penny Arcade to answer an ask mefi question. I am so glad to pimp them out after all they have given me.
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Try Mike's Ad-Blocking hosts file. The box around the advertisement will be empty.

Next, bookmark the site as "", which should get you past the advertisement. Until they catch on that we've bypassed it, at least.
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I generally don't read pure gaming "news" sites because there's a lot of chaff that I just don't care about, but Evil Avatar is generally good for that sort of thing, and it is regularly espoused by the Penny Arcade guys. My most reliable source of gaming information is Game Rankings which does for games what Rotten Tomatoes does for movies. And, of course, GameFAQs is an indespensible resource and its forums are almost acceptable if you can ignore the preteens and idiots.
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Gaming Age Forums.
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Game Girl Advance
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I second Gaming Age Forums--I hang out there as much as I hang out at MeFi.
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JIVE? Sorry, I write for them, so that lacks bias on my own part, and we do more reviews than news.

So in addition to those mentioned, I'd include TotalVideoGames.
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The Something Awful Forums - Yeah, you have to pay USD$10 to get in. However, the games forum is one of the best I've read on the web.

Every once and awhile they open up some sub-forums for the public to read and Games is usually one of the public viewable forums.

I recommend it in any case.
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another vote for gametab as rks404 mentioned.
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EToychest, despite it's playful name, is the source that all the Penny Arcade forumers trust and love. Believe me, those gamers are hard to please. They also like Evil Avatar, as was previously mentioned.

Penny Arcade is great for commentary on more popular games--probably the best weblog out there, IMHO.
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I second Gametab. Also Shacknews.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone that has answered so far. I already have a few of these on my daily reads (such as Penny Arcade, of course), but a lot of these I have never seen before, and are now bookmarked. Shacknews seems to have the best mix of news/reviews I'm looking for. Cheers as well to five fresh fish for the suggestion on how to skip the ad - something I probably should have thought of myself!
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