Where are my video goggles?
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What's the deal nowadays with HMDs (head mounted displays)? Sony Glasstron seems to be the leader, last I saw, but I don't know if they're even actually in production anymore (they're still plenty available online, though). The Glasstron lacks any kind of API for 3D, which wouldn't be a bad idea considering it does have separate screens for each eye. I-glasses seem also to be popular, but from the models I've seen they seem rather large and outdated (and embarrassingly marketed). Has there been no progress in this category? It seems like an obvious market, and I'm thinking of getting one.
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Here's something a little more recent from Eyetop. Still a nascent market, I imagine.
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the glasstron is not available. my company used to sell it (and has offices in tokyo that i checked with) so i know for sure they are not in production.
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It seems like the only time you'd really want a head-mounted display is when either you want to walk around while watching a movie or computing and you need a continual visual reference, or when you want to watch something in privacy, like if you really need your porn fix on a trans-atlantic flight, or something. Otherwise, wouldn't something like a portable DVD player, tablet PC or one of those half-VGA Palms work?

When / how do you envision using it? Maybe there's some other technology that could satisfy your requirements.
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I don't know. I'd really love a headmounted display just for normal computer using. Monitors take up space. A laptop without a monitor but with a pair of goggles would be cool. If the resolution was sufficiently high it would be like having a movie theater sized screen. Imagine editing huge images in photoshop with that kind of resolution.
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Response by poster: I want it for sci-fi purposes, really. Computing laying down, disregarding the desk, etc. Centra looks interesting, I'll check it out.
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