Windows Media file error on my Mac OS X.
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Every time I load a Windows Media file on my OS X system, I am momentarily redirected to a file called "AOLTemp.html" on the site hosting the file. I don't use AOL; the files are not hosted by AOL; a Google search turns up nothing on that filename. What are these mysterious AOLTemp files strewn across the 'net, and what kind of MS-AOL conspiracy have I uncovered?? (Just kidding on the conspiracy bit. And for further clarification: I use Safari as my browser & WMP 9.0 for playback in these cases)
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Mine does the same thing, just so you know. I have never figured out why.
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AOLTemp.html isn't strewn across the net. It is found on your Mac (file:///private/.../AOLTemp.html). The file has a line of javascript to move the Safari back to the page with the link on it ( but then Safari opens a new browser window to display the page -- sometimes, not always).

Why it is called AOLTemp? My guess is the file might also be used by the AOL client or AIM. Either that or there is some AOL/MS conspiracy.
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Response by poster: You know, you're right, it IS a file:/// link. I guess it always flashed by so fast that I thought it was on the originating site. Thanks for the clarification.
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*hastily removes windows media player from own ibook*
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Do you have Winamp installed? There's some AOL thingies in there that could be involved.
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Winamp on OS X?
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