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doe anyone have any experience with email to fax server packages? if so any suggestions on open source? - win2k based would be ok too.
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I've used GoldFax on Exchange Server in the past (about four years ago). It was solid, easy to use and I'd love my current employer to start using it too. They're currently using old version of a product called ZetaFax with too few licenses to make it useful, and it constantly crashes. Having said that maybe newer versions of it are better and at least it doesn't need Exchange

I've not used an open source solution for this but I vaguely recall a GNU application that you can download as part of Cygwin. I don't have Cygwin on this computer so I can't confirm it.
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Response by poster: cool thanks dodgy geezer - i think we almost have something open source figgerd out - it's just little cranky installing on debian.
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specialk420, would you mind sharing? I'm curious about what you're going with...
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Probably HylaFax.
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Response by poster: yep hylafax - but don't try to get it working on debian ... in it's current incarnation - big problems with the font metrics setup in debian... we got it fixed though.
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