Where should we honeymoon in December?
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We want to plan our honeymoon, which will be in December and/or January. Where should we go?

Looking for warm, though not steaming hot. We'll do a week or two, depending on distance and expense. (We're in the Northeast of the US.) Relaxing vacation, not primarily urban exploring this time around. But would like some interesting things to do besides sitting on a beach for the whole week. Delicious local food, some of it vegetarian. Would like the feeling of bang-for-our-buck, not-yet-touristy, but that's kind of negotiable. Because it's our honeymoon, we would like to stay in nicer hotels than usual, and are willing to pay more money than usual for something luxurious. Several hundred dollars a night, if it promises to be memorable? Though if we're breaking the bank on airfare, that will have to come down. It's a lovely problem to have, not knowing where in the world to go.

Thought it would be more fun to post my first question about a vacation, instead of my networking troubles...Thanks!
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Best answer: I'd recommend Zihuatanejo, Mexico and Hotel Villa Del Sol. You can get flights there on United, Continental, Alaska Air, etc. It's warm year-round (although Christmastime is their high-season and so prices go up). Lots of stuff to do near there (deep sea fishing, explore a vanilla farm, local markets) and it's not a resort town the way Cancun or Cozumel are.
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You're close to the Caribbean, so how about St. John in the USVI? Caneel Bay Resort is lovely, just make sure you get off property now and then to explore. I can give restaurant and must see ideas if you're interested.

And the British Virgin Islands are a quick ferry away, with lots to do there as well, not to mention the best beach bars in the world (IMO - I just got back Saturday, so I might not be exactly impartial).
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i like tulum ,mexico
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Some ideas off the top of my head (NB: I have never been on a honeymoon...):

- Morocco might be a little intense, but it's a major destination for Europeans looking for a warmish beach in the winter, I imagine the food would be great, and you might not have to spend $500 a night on a really plush place to stay.

- Some French friends just got back from a week in Cuba and loved it.

- The January 28, 2007 NY Times travel section had a "10 Point Caribbean Escapes Plan" that included not only well-known places like Aruba and Jamaica but also listed Dominica, the Dominican Republic, and Guadeloupe, which are apparently not as high on the travel radar of many Americans. It's a series of 10 articles, so there's no link to all of them in one place, but here's the link to the search terms which ends up listing them all.

- Some additional recent NY Times links: Los Roques, Venezuela and Punta del Este, Uruguay.
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Bali Bali Bali. Find airfare through a consolidator. Then find a nice little hotel in Ubud or somewhere. The island itself is super cheap if you don't stick to the luxury tourist places where it's comparable to here.
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Aruba. Cheap flights from JFK via JetBlue (since you say you're in the Northeast), hotels ranging in quality from "shacks-near-the-beach" to deluxe.
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It's stereotypical, but Hawaii is amazing -- I've never been anywhere that looked anything like it. Stay on the Big Island for a less touristy vibe, and go see the volcano.
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I also got married in January. We waited six months and took our honeymoon in Paris in June. Nuff said.
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Caneel Bay is a good option - I second that.
Or maybe Key West, if you want to stay domestic.
Costa Rica would also be a fun option, as would Puerto Rico; both have lots to see and do.

Hawaii is not a great idea in Dec/Jan, because at some point in the winter, the winds all change around, and the beaches that are usually sunny and beautiful are deluged in rain.
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