Playing incomplete .avi woes.
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I'm looking for a plugin for VLC (or, an alternate media player) that is capable of handling incomplete video files downloaded from a Bittorrent network.

Certain chunks are available, but others aren't. I want to be able to view the available data in a continuous stream, that plays everything available, irrespective of where in the timeline it is.

A plugin that does this for eMule is available []. It takes the available video data, compiles it into a file, and then VLC plays it. Or something like that. However, I can't get this plugin to work with Bittorrent.

I'm using Windows XP.
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Best answer: DivFix might be able to help you, do a rebuild with cutting out bad parts. If i was you id make sure to only work on a copy, so you don't lose what you already have.
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Wow. Anything like this for OS X?
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What type of video file? I know, from recent experience, that QuickTime can play partially downloaded files (in this case, .dv). I would assume that it could do the same with other playable files.
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oh. avi files. right.
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Best answer: AVIPreview.
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My VLC already plays .part files from the eDonkey network, though I haven't tried .bt! or other extensions. My guess is that the extension is arbitrary, but it's possible that VLC only recognizes certain extensions as "partial file" type.
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Response by poster: VLC will play a portion of the file, especially if the first few chunks are downloaded, but when it comes to an incomplete/missing chunk, it stops playing. Using the eMule plugin, I can view the downloaded pieces sequentially, without VLC crashing. Unfortunately,it only does this for eMule.

I'll look into the two apps suggested, thanks.
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