Wild Keets!
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Feral Kittens in My Backyard! I have five beautiful feral cats in my backyard. Now the landlord wants them gone! Any suggestions on any animal sanctuaries?

I've been lookiing after them through the winter. They are lovely and fun to watch. I'd love to look after them (neutering and feeding), but this is not up to me. Can anyone recommend a sanctuary that might be willing to take them in?
I live in Red Hook Brooklyn.
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Hrmm, can't vouch for these folks, but they popped up as the first result of a Google search for "brooklyn cat sanctuary". They could probably give you some good info, at any rate.
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Definitely talk to the folks at the BARC shelter. They're great; they might not be able to take your cats in, but they'll give you info on who might and on what to do.
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I second the Brooklyn Animal Resource Center. They're a no-kill organization, unlike the ASPCA. Examinations, vaccinations, and feline AIDS and leukemia tests are given to all cats that are brought to the shelter. This sounds like the ideal place to bring the cats, or at least to call and discuss your situation. They may be able to help you trap them, too.
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I'd love to look after them (neutering and feeding), but this is not up to me.

Sounds like you would like to make it up to you. Which is very nice.

Get a live trap, capture them, bring them to a shelter where they can neuter them, and put them up for adoption.

There are also programs that provide feral cat programs where they neuter and release if they are not adobtable. Usually this requires clipping an ear so animal control knows they are neutered. This is obviously controvercial, since they are re-releasing them, but it's a better alternative to being put to sleep if they are too feral.

I think they call it TNR (Trap Neuter and Return) Here is a link to a slightly old PDF about the program
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Here's a link to orgs in NY that work with feral cats.
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