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I'd like to sell some HD footage. Are there stock libraries that deal in video?

I have little knowledge of stock libraries, let alone ones that deal in video.

I'd like to sell some HD footage (abstract stuff). What companies would buy my work? What companies should I avoid? ...are the best to deal with? Do such companies exist? How should I approach them? Who will give me the most money?
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Nature Footage is a clearinghouse for (obviously) nature video. There’s information for cinematographers on their site.

Getty is the 800-pound gorilla in stock. They deal in video, but as a provider, they require that you can supply several hundred clips.

Veer also appears to deal in video, or at least motion graphics.

[I’m not affiliated with these companies.]
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iStockphoto.com, one of the best affordable stockphoto sites, also does video.

It's a great alternative to Getty (who actually owns istockphoto.com, ironically enough), since it allows independent photographers/videographers to sell their work online without requiring them to commit to the kind of volume that Getty proper requires.
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getty images and corbis are the big dogs.
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I'm a long time iStock contributor, and although I don't do video its my understanding that video sells quite well there. I'm 100% biased, but I can't think of a better company to work with!
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