Help me find the Hualapai Skywalk Bridge of bathroom sinks...
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RemodelingFilter: What's the name for the not-so-common style of bathroom sink in which (1) the back half of the bowl fits firmly within the vanity/countertop like a normal top-mount sink, but (2) the rounded front half of the bowl juts out several inches from the vanity, overhanging similar to the front edge of a pedestal sink?

I really, really would like to find out the designer's term for the kind of sink I'm searching for. This has been vexing me ever since I saw a white ceramic one in a Scottish flat... sadly, my Google-fu has utterly failed me this time.

This sink style has a perfect room-enhancing, affordance-creating aesthetic, an antidote to the usual boredom of bathroom vanities... there's just something remodelly-fantastic about the idea of a shallower vanity combined with a sexy rounded edge cantilevering out of the otherwise straight countertop. (Yes, I'm a little smitten. With a freaking lavatory sink.)

BTW, I am not talking about those newly-trendy "vessel sinks" that rest entirely *on top of* the counter -- I don't really care for those, thanks. Bonus points, however, if you can point me towards a manufacturer or distributor of the mystery-name sink style...
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Farmhouse or Apron Sink? They're usually seen in kitchens, but I imagine they make them for bathrooms.
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Best answer: American Standard calls it a "semi-countertop" sink
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Best answer: Thanks much, misterbrandt... your tip led me to what seems to be a more universal term, semi-recessed. I've now found several manufacturers... Awesome!
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