Please help Windows recognize a wireless receiver for keyboard and mouse.
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Please help Windows recognize a wireless receiver for keyboard and mouse.

I'm getting a "USB device not recognized" error when plugging in the USB receiver for Microsoft's Wireless Laser Destop 6000 keyboard and mouse combo. The receiver works fine in another computer (same OS--Windows XP).

Device manager claims there is no driver installed for the USB receiver. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't provide *.inf and *.sys files for the receiver alone--everything is bundled in the Intellipoint and Intellitouch executables--so I can't point Windows to the driver directly in device manager.

I've isolated the *.sys file for the receiver via another system but Windows won't let my install the driver without a *.inf. Can I manually edit the registry to force the receiver to use the appropriate *.sys file? I've reinstalled the drivers umpteen times. Is there something else that I'm missing?
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Weird. I have a similar microsoft keyboard/mouse, and I don't really remember doing anything to make it all work.

Dumb question -- are you sure the USB port is alright? You've tried some of the other ports?
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Best answer: Thanks for your response. After much frustration I learned that this keyboard/mouse combo is incompatible with the 2002 version of XP Media Center (but is fine an all the other flavours of XP). What a flippin' waste of time.
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