What Happend to 8th & Ocean?
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Why was MTV's 8th and Ocean only on for one season?

The show was, presumably, popular- it was rerun a lot on MTV while it was on, and season one was released to DVD. And there was some talk of a second season. But it never happened (and according to the TWOP forums, after the season finale, they stopped running reruns of the show). Why was the show cancelled? Was there ever any news on this? I looked on Google; even the Television Without Pity forums provided little information. So what's the scoop? Feel free to e-mail me on the topic at any point in the future.
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I don't have any inside information, but this

it was rerun a lot on MTV while it was on

does not necessarily indicate to me that the show was popular, in fact sometimes it seems MTV airs the shit out of shows that are not getting an audience, perhaps in the hopes that it catches on with anybody out there. The fact that reruns ceased at finale time seems to support that -- "OK, we gave it a shot and it didn't work, let's throw in the towel now. Someone call Beth and the Miz, we need a RR/RW Challenge stat!"
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you might want to ask my favorite lunatic nikki finke, the LA weekly columnist.

she has a couple stories on her website (deadline hollywood daily: MTV 'The Hills': A Cesspool of Self-Promo and LA Weekly: Who Hates Their MTV?) that, while not dealing with this show, suggest she has pretty good contacts at MTV.
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