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[LesbianSongLyricsFilter] There's a lesbian-feminist version of I Want To Be Seduced that refers to a woman making eyes at you while engaging you in discussion of Robin Morgan. Who sang it?

I don't think I've ever heard the straight version of this. Even Peter Gzowski sang the Robin-Morgan version - I think as part of an end-of-career roast (Canadians will relate). Now I want to add it to my nostalgia easy-listening music collection, but my ageing brain only recalls my happy giggles hearing it the first time (and again the last time by Mr Gzowski) and has completely obliterated any memory of who actually adapted/performed it. I don't think it was Holly Near - or was it?
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Response by poster: Oh, and if there are any old-fart dykes out there who want to contribute their own nostalgia favourites - please!
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I'm not a dyke, but as a young gay man coming out in the 80s I had a dyke boss. She was a sort of mentor to me. I remember her introducing me to the music of Holly Near (Imagine My Surprise), Meg Christian (Ode To A Gym Teacher), and Cris Williamson (Song of the Soul). I bought several of those albums myself.

I later went to see Cris perform on Halloween at the National Theatre in downtown DC. Most of the audience was in costume -- of course!
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Derailing, we also got a group together to go see Desert Hearts. Years later, I rented it to show to my then-partner, and he was all "eeewwww!" As for me, if I come back as a lesbian in my next life I want to be the Patricia Charbonneau character.
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I can't find confirmation, but I'm pretty sure Heather Bishop did a version of that song. It's playing in my head right now. I'm thinking maybe on I Love Women Who Laugh, since that's the only album of hers I remember owning.

You know who would know for sure, though? The fine womyn at Goldenrod Music: http://www.goldenrod.com/index.asp

Terry knows every song recorded by a lesbian in the last...ever.
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