How to access files on micro sd card in a LG enV phone?
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I recently got the LG enV phone. Today I got a micro SD card and adapter for my computer. However, I can't figure out how to access the files on the card once the card is in the phone.

I've gone through all of the menus, and just am not seeing how this is done. I'm fairly technically inclined, so it's frustrating that I can't figure this out. Does anyone who has this phone know how to do this?

This is my first question here, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, -Amy
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What are you trying to access on the SD card? Verizon phone software will prevent you from doing anything but Music or Videos.
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You might be well served to review the FAQs for music.
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Response by poster: Just trying to get some images from my computer to the phone, but I think I figured it out. Thanks.
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I would reccomend bitpim, for accessing your content on Your Phone.

According to thier site, the LG 9900 aka EnV is supported.
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Response by poster: My brother recommended bitpim as well, but with the caveats that the required cable isn't that easily acquired (ie, must be ordered) and that getting into the phone's os could be risky.
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I'm surprised nobody else has asked this. But have you gone through the menus on the phone and found the "format memory card" function?

You need to format the memory card in the phone first so that it can give the card the proper directory structure. Once it has that, then there will be containers for you to drag your data into. (ex. \lg_data\sound for music, and so on). Note: back up the memory card contents because a format will erase all the data on it.

Then just pop the card back into a reader and put it in the computer, you should see the new folders and you should be able to copy your data back over into the new folders it created.
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