Recognize these choral music lyrics?
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Looking for a certain piece of choral music, but I don't know the composer or the title.

We sang this 25 years ago in high school, and bits of it have run through my head ever since, and I'd like to see or hear it again. Unfortunately, the big honkin' sheet music sites don't let you search by lyrics, and googling hasn't worked. So, does anybody recognize this:

The clouds are dispersed and the waters are calm,
The late summer day has regained all its charm.
There's still enough left of the day to enjoy,
The afternoon's cozy and warm.

Strolling, slowly, in the mild air,
With no aim and nothing to care.
Let our minds repose contented,
Come, while the world is so fair.

Do not waste away in dismal houses, gloomy walls.
Out of doors, life is worth living,
Joy is around us,
In the wholesome air.

That's about all I can remember. It sounds as if it were written in the 19th century, and I'm pretty sure we weren't singing a translation, if that helps. It's very light and waltzy.
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Maybe something by Delius? The first verse above is reminding me of Summer Landscape, but I don't recognize these specific lyrics.
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I think this is pretty likely to be in translation. This text (the second stanza especially) sounds to me like an inexact/syllabic translation -- that is, one made to fit a rhyme scheme -- not something originally written in English. From what you've told us, Brahms or Schumann are good possibilities. And if you're searching 19th century choral pieces, remember the original may have been for women's voices or men's voices only, even if your group sang a mixed-voice arrangement.
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(Mendelssohn is another good possibility.)
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Response by poster: You may be right, allterrainbrain -- When I sing the tune to the words, I notice that the emphasis is on odd words, like "and" or "tent" in "contented," which would point towards translation. It can't be all that rare -- this was a very ordinary high school chorus in Virginia that I was in, and I remember hearing another high school sing it as well.
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Wait - You can sing the tune? Have you tried any of the name-that-tune sites? Themefinder or the musipedia contour search (or keyboard search or even rhythm search).

Google "name that tune" and you also get midomi and others, which I've never used.
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Response by poster: Hey, that musipedia looks promising -- when I get home tonight I'll pick out the tune on the piano and then try it.
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Response by poster: Alas, musipedia could not help me -- I tried two different phrases of the music, but nothing came up that was even close. I had no idea this stupid piece of music was going to turn out to be so freakin' obscure!
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