Recording Calls for QA - Is Automated Transcription Available?
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My employer runs a large customer-service call center. We record calls for quality assurance, and are looking for a recording tool that will automatically transcribe the conversations.

The transcriptions don't need to be perfect, just good enough so we can figure out where we need to look in the recordings should something come up. I know the translation technology is out there--a service called SimulScribe transcribes voicemail--but I haven't found any tool that would work in a call center environment. Any ideas?
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I dont know for sure, but I think possibly NICE might have a product that does this. I interviewed with them a while back and the technology was really impressive.
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This is not a solution to your problem, but Jott is offering a service similar to what you are looking for. Jott's creators would probably be able to answer your question better than just about anyone. You might try contacting them.
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I'm a call center consultant who contracts to the current market leader in call center QM solutions (yeck, I promise I don't talk like that in person). The product I support very definitely has that capability, and even goes a few steps beyond. In fact, you can even have the system perform certain actions based on the words spoken in near real-time.

If you want more information, feel free to email me.
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totally an aside: I realized yesterday that me and mrbula work for the same company when I saw him in the C cafeteria. it took me about five minutes to figure out that I had met him at a MeFi meetup about three years ago or so.
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Wow, small world.
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