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Running XP as a non-administrator (like MS recommends ;-) how do you get access to some form of Calendar ?

I run XP as a non-administrator user but this means that if you attempt to look at the calendar (by double-clicking the clock) you get told "You do not have the proper privlege level to change the System Time". Of course I do not wish to change the time just find out what the date was the Thursday before last.

Currently I resort to logging onto a unix box and running 'cal' - there has to be a better way ! Can anyone suggest a means of seeing the calendar without logging as an admin - or some alternative form of calendar (... other than a paper one I mean ;-)

ps - I don't use Outlook
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If you just want to see some dates, you could use a Yahoo Widget (or a Google one.)
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...or Mozilla Sunbird
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I use the Google Start Page as my home page. Access to the calendar is as simple as opening your browser.
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There is a sidebar calendar, and I also have this "Windows Calendar" program.
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You can give yourself permission to change the time, although I wouldn't take this route myself. If you like cal, you can always run it on Cygwin. I use the Palm Desktop calendar when I need one.
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I scanned the nice little 2007 calendar that my local Real Estate agent gave me. It sits on a corner of my desktop, always ready to give me the date. When I want to display a pretty picture on my desktop, I just layer my little calendar on top of the picture. It works just fine and I don't even have to click anything.
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I like
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You can run date and time in the control panel by holding down shift and right clicking. choose runas. run it as an administrator.

Simplify this by making a batchfile with the runas command (youll have to google for the syntax) and leaving it on your desktop.

Or just use a third party tool like the ones mentioned above.
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Alfaclock is a free, spyware-free toolbar clock replacement that sticks today's date right down there, and provides a calendar instead of the time and date panel on click. (It's also got an alarm clock and more.)
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First, that's not Microsoft's recommendation, that's just good practice. You'd never log into your Unix box and use it as root, why would you do it on Windows?

Go with grouse' suggestion.
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oho. Ignore my previous comment in my stupidity with windows versions.
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