What's good and bad about Freevo?
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Freevo. Does anyone use it? How good is it? Can someone in the advanced-beginner stage of linux knowledge install it and use it without swearing a lot?
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As an addendum to the right honorable Mayor's question (and considering I had to see his pixilated ass, I think he owes me), does anyone use SageTV for windows? I'm in the process of setting up a media system myself. Is the convenience worth the cost?
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Another option for linux, Mayor, is MythTV.
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Here's a good article outlining the difference between the two linux apps, and what it will take to get it all going. (Does no one here have experience with these things? Administrator! Please hope us!)
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I'm a reasonably experienced unix-head, and I've messed about with bouth MythTV and and Freevo. In my experience they were both rather flaky (which perhaps isn't surprising considering the compelexity needed). I've since gone with the traditional unix way of patching together a lot of single-purpose applications (mainly mencoder) with shell scripts, in combination with a tv guide screenscraper (think XMLtv before that existed) I wrote ages ago.

The only feature I don't have and miss is being able to pause live tv.
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I haven't tried it, but I've heard multiple positive reports -- some from sources I trust -- about KnoppMyth. You just download, burn, and boot the CD. I don't know if there's an equivalent setup environment for Freevo.
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I was just over at my friends house and saw (and used) MythTV. I think that having a high quality video card is important for stability and performance.

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Most people have had the least amount of problems using the Mandrake distro over Knoppmyth, from what I've heard anyway.

I've toyed with the idea of making a mythtv box but the motherboard to be used died so that project is on hold for now. Oh, and you probably shouldn't cheap out on the video card -- get a Happague (sp?) PVR 250/350. It's worth it. And The Inquirer is spreading a rumor that the new nvidia cards coming out this spring will have built-in hardware mpeg decoding. Nvidia is also very linux friendly.
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