Looking for Current Research Comparing Number of Broadband and Dial-Up Internet Users
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Broadband vs. Dial-Up. I'm looking for current research that shows the number of users that connect to the Internet via Broadband vs. dial-up. I know its out there somewhere . . .

So far I've found this article but we're talking 3 months old here.
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Response by poster: and now this . Have I answered my own question yet?
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A quick survey done today or at least recently on vgmuseum.com (yes, a surprisingly specific audience, but a decent sample size) says at least 70%... just a bunch of techies with high speed gaming hardware?
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Actually, temadjuggler, it's a not so decent, very- very- biased sample, so it could be 100% of al gamers and still not tell you a whole lot about the internet population as a whole.
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I couldn't find a link, but in the NY Times within the past 10 days or so, there was an atricle about providing broadband over power lines. There were statistics about the number of users of broadband and dial-up, both in the tens of millions (so not terribly specific).
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A new, national report by comScore Networks indicates broadband Internet access is ready to overtake dial-up access as the top online subscription service in major metro markets in the United States. (full story)
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Broadband report says 43% as of Feb 2004. These are U.S. figures with some World Wide figures at the bottom.
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