Can't switch users in XP
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Double question: My XP Pro OS wont let me switch users anymore (5 account system), it will only let me log off. Second my brother got kicked from the computer and I forgot to get a password for administrator. Hes got his own password now. How do I reset the admin pass without using a linux boot disk?
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Are you or another user that can access the computer running as admin? If so, Start/Run/lusrmgr.msc will give you the Local Users and Groups Snap-in from where you can reset the admin password.
posted by j.edwards at 12:31 AM on March 19, 2004

To be able to switch users, go to Start - Settings - Control Panel - User Accounts - Change the way users log on and off, and enable Fast User Switching.

posted by ac at 3:49 AM on March 19, 2004

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