Japanese film industry in the early 1960s
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I'd like to learn about the Japanese film industry in the early 60s. Are there books or websites that talk about it? Google - as far as I know how to use it - hasn't given me what I want: a good history of the mentality behind the "Godzilla" movies. I want to know about the people who made the "Gojira" movies.
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Check into the book list from StonebridgPress. I have their Dorama Encyclopedia, a guide to Japanese TV, and seems to me they have a lot of books on Japanese movies and their history.

Or check JDorama.com, which features forums specializing in Japanese entertainment info.
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That's Gojira, baby, and it's all about the WMD.
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Donald Keene is the most popular English-writing author on Japanese film. You should pick up his history of Japanese film.
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Whoops, not Keene, but Richie.
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Response by poster: Okay, thanks, guys.
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