Things to do in Vancouver when it rains?
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My girlfriend and I are having a great time in Whistler, BC at the moment and are anticipating a great week in Vancouver, starting tomorrow. It is, however, raining. Quite a bit.

So, Vancouverites of metafilter - can you name a couple of great things to do in Vancouver when it's bucketting down with rain?

I've read most of the other askmefi posts on Vancouver and got a Rough Guide, so I know about most of the usual tourist things like the UBC Arthro Museum, Granville Island, Seawall, beaches, Science World, Public Library, Stanley Park, Sun Yat Sen Gardens etc...

What I'm specifically interested in is cool, interesting stuff to do that won't be spoiled if it's raining all day. Can you give us a few tips?

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Just bring an umbrella. The rainforest coast is still rainy, even though you'll be visiting the biggest clearcut in the province. Even the beaches are nice without too many people on them. Biking kind of sucks though. Try kayaking in the rain. So peaceful.
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It's supposed to rain harder than usual this weekend. You've got a good list above. The Vancouver Aquarium is interesting, if you like/support aquariums. You might want to look at a hop on / hop off bus tour, if any are operating at this time of year. It costs more than a bus pass, but you get a narration and you won't be as wet.

You could go to Chinatown and bring an umbrella, then go for a dim sum brunch, too. Otherwise, your list will keep you busy, if you are just here for one day (you won't get through it!).
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Best answer: Sun Yat Sen Gardens and beaches are the only things I wouldn't spend as much time doing in the rain. I might not wander as much in Stanley park, but it still has the aquarium and you'll still enjoy a quick look out at lion's gate bridge. Granville island has plenty of indoor stuff. The ferry is fine. Other than that, a rain coat and hat to keep you happy for the shorter times outside, and then back inside for more sushi. (I was personally never big on umbrellas -- they don't keep enough of you dry if it is windy and it usually is.)
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There are a bunch of interesting art galleries on and around Granville from the south end of the bridge to 16th. There's a little post card sized gallery map you can pick up that shows you where they all are. There are a few good restaurants in the area also. Here's a tour.
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Best answer: If you're going to be here for a week, you may want to take a day trip to Victoria ... it never rains in Victoria. If you don't mind getting up early rent a car and take the ferry or bus, or you could fly, finances allowing. Pick up some brochures on the ferry - the BC museum is good for an afternoon at least.

It probably wont be 'bucketing' down with rain, though. Forecast is for showers.
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Actually, rain and flood advisories are in effect.
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I feel your pain. I just spent a week in Whistler dealing with the rain and subsequent icy conditions. Check out the Belugas at the aquarium.
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Weather warnings are still in effect for">parts of B.C.
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Best answer: Wonderful Native American stuff at the UBC Anthropology museum ... very beautiful (but twenty years since my visit).
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Best answer: I'd recommend going to Richmond or Burnaby for good, hearty, authentic middle-class Chinese food. The Yaohan in Richmond next to Aberdeen Centre (Aberdeen Centre has a great 2-dollar store called Daiso) has probably the best Chinese food court in Vancouver. The Korean food stall alone is worth the trip. Park at Yaohan and walk across to Aberdeen Centre, or vice versa (although I can't recommend parking at Aberdeen Centre).

Yaohan also has a lot of Taiwan-style Chinese food, and Yaohan itself caters to an Asian clientele, so the food is "authentic" and tasty. Good curry stall. I also stop there for an early dinner before heading home to Victoria on the ferry.

Here's directions to Yaohan/Aberdeen Centre from downtown.

The T&T market below Metrotown (accessible by Skytrain) also offers a similar experience.
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It's clearing up, you won't get slammed this week (of course, these things are relative). I'd simply run with it, and invest in some clear, completely nerdish ponchos that fit over you and your backpacks or bags. At least it's not cold out.

If you're driving, before you cross from the North Shore, try to get up to visit the Capilano Dam. It's free and you can walk across it. After the heavy downpour combined with snow melt, I think it'll be pretty spectacular. I plan to head over tomorrow to take a look.

The lower section of Capilano park has a salmon hatchery that is outdoors but covered. (the dam is in the picture on that page, with the hatchery at the bottom of it). The Coho come in and out of there all year and the Steelhead & Chinook have started to come up the Capilano river, so you should be able to watch some of them at the glassed in fish ladder.

Another good thing (if you don't suffer from vertigo) would be the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. It spans a steep, narrow gorge which will have a raging river beneath it. Also free.
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Ditto for the aquarium. (As a side note, there's an umbrella vending machine in the airport.)
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If I were a tourist in Vancouver I would go to the Cannabis Cafe (307 Hastings, 681-4602). If you have a nice buzz on the rain isn't as bothersome.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your great responses - shame metafilter died soon after I posted though. Oh well.
On the bright side, Vancouver had an unseasonably warm and sunny week - t-shirt weather a few of the days!! Result!

We had a wonderful week in Vancouver - loved every minute of it. Managed to pack in most of the things we wanted and most of your suggestions and even proposed to my (now) fiancée. (Got the ring together on Granville Island.)

For future reference, the following things were awesome and I don't think would be affected much by rain:
  • UBC Anthropology Museum (double awesome)
  • Aquarium (not too keen on the caged looking mammals much but the Octopus and Jellyfish were cool.)
  • Revolving Restaurant thing
  • Sun Yat Sen Garden (different in the rain I guess, but still good I'd think)
  • Seaplane flight round the harbour - really worth the cash we thought.
Many other things were super great too, but probably wouldn't have been so great in the rain.

Hope everyone else enjoyed the weather.
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