Yeah, yeah, I know... another question about blogs and blogging and the blogosphere.
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When it comes to blogging, has it all been done?

I have been blogging for almost 4 years. I have my personal blog which is well-established and I intend to continue writing there because it's fun. However, for a while now, I've wanted to come up with another blog idea that I can delve into. I have an eclectic range of interests and passions, so there's really no specific topic I'm looking to cling to. I don't mean to sound wishy-washy, if I do... It just seems like every idea I come up with, it's already been done.

I just want to start a new blog that's unique, entertaining, fresh, captivating, fun, and/or helpful.

I'm not looking to make much money doing this, if any; it's mainly going to be for my own entertainment, but it would be really neat if other people might enjoy reading it, too.

So here's my question in a nutshell: What do you think would make a good blog concept? I'm extremely open to any ideas you feel like throwing out there, so please suggest anything that comes to mind. Thank you in advance!
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The answer to your first question: No.
The answer to your second question: Like I'd tell you my great idea!
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I'd LOVE to read a History blog. One that I could check out each day for some really interesting tidbit from another era.

It would also be really fun to read a pseudo-blog set in some time before blogging was possible. Say, a blog by a 16th-century monk.

Or a blog about old movies. Each entry would be a review of a movie from the silent era up to, say, 1949. These would all be films that are available via download or DVD, so that I could watch them too.

As-far-as I know, no one has created a really good Shakespeare blog.
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Blog about planning the perfect crime. Then do it.
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I think the question 'has it all been done' is a little like asking if all the songs or novels have been written; it's pretty unlikely. A blog is simply some text or media updated regularly, there is an awful lot of room there: creative arts, hobbies, ideas, etc.

It's hard to suggest blog ideas without knowing anything about you, so why not just make a list of everything you're passionate about and then think of creative ways to present something about the subject to a reader. Even do a little research on blogs on things you like, and see whats missing, or what you'd really like to read about.
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What do you think would make a good blog concept?

Pretend you're a certain dead person, say George Washington, and write a blog from that perspective.

Or pretend you're a thing, say a certain tree you know in your neighborhood, write like you're that tree and al it's seen and heard over the years.

Pretend you're Ron Jeremy's penis and tell us manly stories.

Pretend your Jenna Jameson's vagina and tell us girlie stories.

Do you know how to draw? If not, learn and blog about it while doing it.

Hell, pretend you're crossdressing 20something midget dentist who's into necrophilla and loves going to punk shows.
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Pardon the partial self-link, but grumblebee, I think you would enjoy 1947project, which in the past two years and change has posted a Los Angeles crime or offbeat news story daily for 1947, 1907 and now 1927.
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1) yes but poorly
2) whatever you find interesting and you can dicuss with passion, interest, and you can write and make it exciting. it's like Barbara Tuchman(?) - there are a million books about World War 1 but her's makes the first month come alive. Give whatever you love, life.
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If its been done, then do it better. What are you an expert in? Anything? I mean you can start a ethopian kosher cooking blog but if you have no interest in the subject, then the blog will be of poor quality and you will quit for the lack of motivation. Everything else is just silly gimmicks your potential audience will see through. Find out what you are passionate about to write about everyday.
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If you're a good writer and know your shit about whatever the topic is, that will always shine through. There are a million dull, workmanlike shovelware blogs out there covering every topic imaginable, but it's not too hard to eat their lunch.
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Best answer: Don't overrate originality. The enduring value of a creative project comes from its quality. Doing something well is far more important than doing it first. Those who get there first tend to be little more than historical footnotes.
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