Can you identify the song/artist used in this video?
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Can anyone identify the name of the song and artist that these dancers are performing to in the following video?

We have another stumped person at our music forum. You guys were able to identify the last music question, so I've come back to the well on this first day of Spring to see if the music intelligentsia here can save this poor young man from going crazy before the next equinox. Thanks in advance for your input.
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It might be Air Guitar by Frog Junkies. You can listen to the beginning of the song here.
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Wow, this is kind of awesome. It brings me right back to junior high for sure. Guys used to do this stuff at our junior high talent shows. :) I haven't been able to track down the song, but is this YouTube user one of the guys in the video, maybe? Perhaps he can help. And if you find the answer, please post it.
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Hey! I got it! It's "Let's Rock 'n Roll" by Atlantic Starr.

I knew it sounded like one of the bands I either skated roller disco to, or played on the R&B station I used to work at... so I started browsing the Disco category on iTunes Music Store to see if anything rang a bell and there it was.
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Here's the iTMS link. And here's an Amazon page with a clip. This was fun.
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Response by poster: Wow, that was quick LitlNemo. I have posted your reply to our thread at Beatking and have notified the questioner and will let you know as soon as he confirms. Thanx.
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It's definitely the same song but they might be locking to a different mix of it. The version I found online is the "single version". I couldn't hear the whole song, so I don't know how it differs from the one in the video. The one they are dancing to has a long break in the middle, and what sounds like heavier bass, so it might be from a 12" mix.
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Ah, there was a 7:26 12" mix, so my bet is that is the track.
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Response by poster: Many thanx, sir. You are hired!
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It is good to know my prior life as a radio dj isn't completely worthless. ;)
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