Veggie in San Jose, CA?
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Where to eat near the San Jose Museum of Art (San Jose, CA) that's veggie-friendly?

I would like Vietnamese or Mexican places, ones I couldn't find on an internet search. I know there must be tons of mom-and-pop restaurants that fit this description, but I want to know where *you* go.
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The places closest to SJMA are mostly higher end (Paulos, McCormicks) or chains (such as Sonoma Chicken Coop, Old Spaghetti Factory); the mom and pop places are further away, closer to SJSU. My favorite is Super Taqueria on 10th and Willams. Note: it's a dive.

If you want full on vegetarian, you might want to try the Vegetarian House, located on E. Santa Clara (several blocks north from SJMA). The staff and decor give off a strange cult-like ambience, largely due to the large-screen TVs playing video loops of a tiny, saffron-clad woman extolling random spiritual tidbits, but the food is good. If you'd rather skip the cult with your meal, there's White Lotus on Market, which is vegan Vietnamese.
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A couple of vegetarian friends took me to E&O Trading Co; you can check the menu online.
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I used to really like White Lotus, though I haven't been there in years. I was a vegetarian when I lived in Downtown San Jose, and I never found any "vegetarian" Mexican food- either the rice tasted like chicken stock, or the beans tasted like lard (and Mexican cheese is not generally vegetarian). If I ate out, it was at Pizz'a Chicago, and a really great Thai place that is now gone. Hopefully there are more options now.
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Another voice in support of the White Lotus. IANAV, but ate lunch there with several friends that are vegetarians, and the food was very yummy, with a fairly complete menu, lots of protein choices, etc. I would eat there again (and damn it, now I'm hungry...)
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Pizza Chicago is just down the block on San Fernando. The interior isn't as nice as the Santa Clara location, but the pizza is still great, and they have vegetarian options.

(Just went to the Escher exhibit this past weekend...)
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If White Lotus is still around, try there. I had some wonderful vegetarian meals there many years back.
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