Lubricant for fire escape window bar hinges?
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What type of lubricant should I use on the hinges to the fire escape window bars? It is exposed to the outdoors. Also, should I use a penetrant to clean them beforehand?
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i'd just use a bit of wd-40. you'll have to reapply every year or two.
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Lithium grease might last a bit longer. It has pretty high temperature tolerance, too. Downside is you might have to take the hinges apart (if that's possible) to get it in there good, though. Take the pins out and grease them up.
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WD-40 is not a lubricant. It will completely evaporate in a day or two. It is a good cleaner (a penetrant). If your hinges are gummed up with stuff, hit it with that first to get bare metal.

Then a drop or two of a lubircating oil. It doesn't matter what really. Sewing machine or penetrating oil, 3-in-1 oil, bicycle chain lube, whatever's reasonably liquid. I'd avoid motor oils, because they tend to stain. Pastes, like lithum or vaseline will work fine if you can get them into the joints.
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The best would be a silicone non tacky lube but it's not a hardware store item. A good available substitute is bicycle chain lube.
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Graphite lock fluid would be a better long term lubricant. It works by carrying graphite particles into surfaces which need lubrication; if and when the carrier fluid evaporates, it does so without leaving gum residue behind, and the solid graphite particles provide excellent lubrication to sliding surfaces. Lock fluid readily penetrates and displaces water, generally inhibiting further corrosion, too.
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