VLC and skipping DVDs.
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Hi, Netflix DVDs in my wife's Toshiba Satellite skips considerably more than my macbook. She has a "tssp" dvd drive and I've got a Matsushita. Is it possible to configure VLC with some sort of monster video buffer so it will skip less? I'm familiar with other disk buffing/cleaning solutions, and am primarily curious about a software solution--VLC, mplayer, or anything else--to use in addition to cleaning the dvd. We've got to get through the rest of Monk, season four without going insane.
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Best answer: Some threads that may help:
FAQ: Video is choppy

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If neither of those help, try doing some more digging in the VLC Forums
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Alternatively, I don't know if this is as easy on a PC as on a Mac, but you could try ripping the disk to your drive and playing it from there.
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Response by poster: Ripping the disc occurred to me, but then I've got to wait x hours and it sure seems to put a lot of wear and tear on the DVD drive. But yeah, it it continues to be a problem, I'll probably do it, if only to get rid of that annoying mandatory piracy warning before each episode. It's not like I'm going to go back and watch Monk over and over again or keep the copies for later use.
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