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Does anyone know of a vegetarian website that offers printable promotional material? I'm looking for some type of postcard for my refrigerator without ordering through the mail. Something clever like 'vegetarianism is for lovers' or something else to that effect. PETA need not apply. Thanks!
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You could just write out whatever you like in a large appealing font and print the sucker out. Here's some suggestions from googling for bumper stickers, the de facto medium of cleverness:

Save a cow, milk a vegan!
Vegetarians do it with relish! (but wear a condiment!)
I'm still a virgin (sorry, I meant vegan)

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Not exactly Vegan, but the joys of Organic over at I'm Organic, I love their "Healthy crops. Healthy Craps." lunch bag. (They do have one against Bovine Growth Hormones though. And most people who are vegan/veg also prefer organics.)

Herbivore sells postcards. I love the "Hell Bent For Pleather" postcard. Even though I'm not vegan, I have friends who are, and I really really REALLY want to get them the "Crank Vegan Asshole" buttons!

They're in the UK, but the Vegetarian Society does a nice poster or postcard for National Vegetarian week.
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This has 'printable promotional material' with some amusement value...
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Maybe take a look at the (British) Vegan Society website?
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