I need a doctor, stat!
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Can anyone recommend a decent ob/gyn office in Sonoma County, CA?

Since I moved here I have been to various practices ranging from the criminally incompetent (repeatedly prescribed drugs I can't take under different brand names) to the actually criminal (double billing me and my insurance company).

If anyone can recommend a good, or even moderately competent, doctor in southern Sonoma or even northern Marin I'd be extremely grateful. I have insurance. (FWIW, I've already tried Planned Parenthood.)

for the curious: I'm asking anonymously as I prefer not to advertise my whereabouts on the internets.
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Well it's technically in Central Marin, only a few minutes off 101, but I love Women's Medical in Greenbrae. My mom and I both go see Dr. Nona Cunningham. 415.461.7800
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