Gimme The Blues!
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Where's a good place to go, preferably online, for pointers and/or reviews of good contemporary blues albums? Or, failing that, what are the best blues albums from the last 10 years or so?

Allmusic and Metacritic are my two go-to places for music, but their usefullness with this genre isn't so great, not least because I don't have a lot of knowledge to start with. Something like the Grammy Awards -- but good -- would be exactly what I'm looking for: a nice, easy list of great recent albums to check out. To give you an idea of what I like: Sue Foley, or at least her earlier stuff, is great. Susan Tedeschi is just okay. I saw Watermelon Slim live a few weeks ago, and I was impressed. But, really, I'm open to anything.
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If you don't know Cassandra Wilson's album Blue Light Til Dawn, that's a stunning piece of work.
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Best answer: You might check out a few of the artists on Fat Possum--try T-Model Ford, for one.
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Amazon has a list of 'Essential Albums" for all the major genres. Purists may find Amazon's selection too mainstream, but I would think it's probably a good starting point for beginners.

Just to throw out a suggestion - BB King Live at the Regal is generally considered one if the best blues records ever recorded.
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If you like dirty, electric blues check out:
- The Black Keys, I especially like their latest album.
- Creech Holler

If you like more acoustic, traditional blues:
- Robert Belfour is not to be missed.
- Chris Thomas King is worth sampling - try The Legend of Tommy Johnson.
- Corey Harris's "Daily Bread" is a sort of blues/folk/reggae amalgam - heavy on the blues.
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R. L. Burnside
Keb Mo
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Buddy Guy: Damn Right I've Got The Blues.
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The early Fabulous Thunderbirds records.
The Hollywood Fats Band record
Junior Watson - Long Overdue
Rusty Zinn - Confessin'
James Harman - Extra Napkins

This assumes you will dig the retro white boys.
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