Getaways near Cincinnati?
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Nice weekend places near or within 2 hrs' drive of Cincinnati OH, for small group getaway?

Trying to find a place where a group of thirtysomething friends can go for a relaxing weekend. There will be 4 to 6 of us, maybe with a couple of babies. Could be a rent-a-cabin/cottage deal, maybe a b+b, maybe even a hotel in a town.

Idyllic quiet setting preferred, but all recommendations welcome - including in Cincy itself. (I don't know the town; we're arranging an easy, peaceful weekend getaway for someone who lives there and is stressed out.)
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Response by poster: Should've mentioned, in case it matters: the group will be all women.
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Ever been to Old Louisville?
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The Hocking Hills area is lovely.
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Seconding the Hocking Hills. One of my favourite places on earth.
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Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill
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Go to Oxford...beautiful city, college town, great restaurants and bed and breakfasts. Just listed in Men's Journal (March, 2007) as one of the Best 50 Cities to Live In. Home of Miami University as well.
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Yellow Springs, OH outside of Dayton might also work for you. Its one of those prototypical small college towns.
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really, tdabbott? have you been to Oxford? perhaps it was listed in Men's Journal because of all the rich drunk sorority girls flaunting and flirting all over town. it probably didn't mention the ass-grabbing, puking-in-the-middle-of-the-street frat boys that come with. Not a quiet place! Not a place for babies or a pleasant getaway! If "quiet college town" appeals, Yellow Springs is a way better bet.

Unless it's not until summer. In the summer you can rent a cabin in Houston Woods (just north of Oxford), which is a huge forest with a lovely lake and nature preserve. There is also a lodge with a nice restaurant. Also if you did want to go into town, most of the really obnoxious students are gone.
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Response by poster: It will probably be in early April. Thank you for all the suggestions so far; please add if you think of any more!
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I'll second Yellow Springs -- a good day hike there, artsy boutiques and sandwich shops that bake their own bread. If you go, stop at Young's Dairy (cows + ice cream).

Also, consider the Red River Gorge in Kentucky (photos). Eg, you could stay in this cabin (2 h. 9 min. from Cinci) (cabin found ranomly online, but the Gorge area is definitely beautiful).
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