Forgotten title of amazing online sci-fi story
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[StoryFilter] About a year ago, I read a piece of sci-fi on the internet. I can't remember the web address, author or title.

I have:

* Sci-Fi
* Basic plot involved a guy who agrees to be a subject for the trial of a new intelligence-boosting drug. He takes the drug and feels intense pain, then experiences a massive, permanent boost in intelligence. The rest of the story involves him getting more of the drug and then becoming engaged in a battle of wits with a fellow test subject. This battle involves some sort of subliminal mental warfare
* I definitely read it online for free.
* Not longer than 10,000 words.
* Needless to say, it was an amazing story and I'd love to read it again.

Thanks very much.
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"Understand" by Ted Chiang.
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And here's the story.
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If you start out with "amazing sci-fi story" as your description, then it's almost always either Greg Egan or Ted Chiang -- as mcwetboy points out, it's the latter in this case. Some of his other stories are equally amazing -- there's a steampunk piece involving golems and homunculi that is a truly fascinating alternate natural history of science. It's called "Seventy-Two Letters" IIRC. His collection Stories of your Life is a must-have.

If you like Chiang, you will probably like Egan's short fiction, too. It's a little more physics-oriented generally, but full of provocative ideas. Start with his collection Axiomatic and then Luminous (which wasn't published in the US, but Amazon has used copies -- I bought my copy new from, actually).
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Thank you, you clever people! And thank you kindall for the further recommendations. I'm not generally a sci-fi fan, but your pointers sound really interesting.

Thanks again!
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Obviously it isn't the story you were looking for but the Isaac Asimov's short story Lest We Remember has a similar premise. Not his best work but you might want to check it out.
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Never heard of Chiang, but if he's similar to Egan I totally have to check him out.


My entire library system (i.e. libraries within about 50 miles of my local library) doesn't have a single book by Chiang. Why don't libraries have decent SF collections, dammit? I don't think my local one has anything more recent than 1975.
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Chiang only has one book out. His work is entirely short fiction. Not surprising that libraries aren't carrying short story collections much these days. It's totally worth buying, though.
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The scary thing is, "Understand" is probably Chiang's weakest story. Just about everything he writes makes an award ballot. So definitely buy the book -- I did when it came out.
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Just wanted to nth the recommendation for the Chiang book. In a lifetime of reading sci fi, I have come across nothing else that has affected me as much, esp the title story. I've been in a sci fi book club for 5 years and that is probably the unanimous favorite read of folks in our group.
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Chiang is stunning (for the nth time!). Just to let fans know, he has a new novella coming out. It's a small press (Subterranean) so you probably won't see it at your local brick-and-mortar. And if you don't own Stories of Your Life, you are really missing out on something golden.
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Never heard of Chiang, but if he's similar to Egan I totally have to check him out.

Chiang doesn't have the same kind of hard SF bent that Egan does -- Chiang tends to be a bit more "literary" -- but their short stories do remind me very strongly of each other in their playfulness and intelligence.
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