Turn off repeated Google Notifier notifications?
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How do I stop Google Notifier on OS X from notifying me repeatedly about an event?

I just want the stupid things to come up once for each event, not every minute for ten minutes. I've clicked high and low to no avail. And I don't need that stupid red flag in the icon, nor the stupid green exclamation mark. Just give me one notification, let me click it away, and be done with it. Also, once the alerts have started, you can't go into the event and turn off notifications, which means you can't stop the stupid notifications that way, either. The only way I know to stop the notifications is to quit Google Notifier.
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You could use Spanning Sync to sync your Google and iCal calendars, and then just use iCal's notifications instead of Google Notifier's.
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Gmail+Growl lets you substitute Notifier's alerts in favor of customizabe Growl alerts. I'm not sure, however, whether it overrides the calendar alerts or just email's. Worth a shot.
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It only substitutes GMail's alerts.
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And you don't need Spanning Sync (unreleased?) to synchronize Google Calendar to iCal, you can subscribe to your Google Calendar's feed using the iCal interface format.
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Response by poster: But iCal won't sync when it's closed, I believe. Which kind of ruins the principle of having one calendar in one place.
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