A moment of laughter with the Rat Pack
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I've always been captivated by this iconic photograph of the Rat Pack. I can't locate info on the photographer, when it was taken, and where they were whooping it up. I'd really love some backstory (sorry for the low-res photo, little else out there).
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moonbird, I've queried a friend of mine who is a Rat Pack fanatic (he once gave me a pair of Sammy's boots, bought at auction -- and yes, they fit!).... I'll let you know if he might have any info.
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Best answer: Here is a Google answer about the same picture. It doesn't mention the photographer, but it has details on where and when it was taken and that the copyright is owned by Corbis, one of the big stock photo houses.
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I've seen this photo before. I don't know about its origins, but I remember reading that it shows the forceps delivery scar on Sinatra's neck -- a small, horizontal line beneath the ear.

It's a document of this physical abnormality, and probably used in multiple sources as evidence of it.
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Best answer: Here's the corbis link. It's from the Otto Bettmann archive.

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