do you remember this Onion article?
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Did I hallucinate this Onion article? It was something like, "Area man's girlfriend won't stop bugging him to beat Grand Theft Auto."

It was at least 2 or 3 years ago. I've used the Onion search and searched the Onion site via Google. It's making me crazy that I can't find it!

Possible variances - it may have been wife instead of girlfriend; maybe "begging" instead of bugging.

I'm also pretty sure that it wasn't a full article. I think it was either a "news in brief" or one of those panels that doesn't link to a story (like Giant Altoid Headed Toward Earth).

Does anyone at least remember seeing this?
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I remember this one. Could that be it?
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Response by poster: Thanks, iconomy, but no that's not it. I did find that one during my search, and other "girlfriend" and "game" related articles, but this headline was definitely about a woman urging or encouraging a guy to play or beat a video game, and I'm 99.9 percent sure it was Grand Theft Auto (or maybe the specific name of one of the GTA games, like Vice City).
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IIRC, The Onion doesn't keep up complete long-term archives of their issues or articles. There's some old articles that they keep online, but they don't do it universally - many of the articles just disappear from the site after a few weeks.
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FWIW, I read the Onion religiously, to the point where when I flip through their books in the store I recognize 100% of the content. The article you are talking about does not sound familiar.

Perhaps it's from BBSpot or somesuch?
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Response by poster: tkolar, since no one's chimed in even to say it sounds familiar, I'm starting to think it was somewhere else. Or that I dreamt it? Craziness.
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IIRC, The Onion doesn't keep up complete long-term archives of their issues or articles.

I think that was true until the recent redesign of the site. These days it should all be available.
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