How to hang an asian fan on the wall?
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How do I hang an asian fan on the wall?

I have a small paper asian fan that when unfolded spans about 12 inches. It came with a base that you could insert the bottom of the fan and stand on a flat surface, but I'd like to hang it on the wall and the base is useless for that purpose.

I've googled, but so far no luck. Anyone suggestions?
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I'd use a couple of small screw hooks (perhaps the vinyl cushioned variety), painted to match your wall or the fan ribs.
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Shadow box frame.
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If the fan doesn't have any gaps through which you can drive a small nail without damaging it, then how about tying clear fishing line to the supports and hanging it?
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I've used pins to support (not pierce) fans.
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You might be able to use mirror brackets. They would fit around the edges of the fan without damaging it, and they're typically clear, so they're unobtrusive.
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If the fan folds easily, it is helpful to also use a pin or nail in the area below the pivot point of the fan.
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I don't know where you're located, but the hardware store in San Francisco's Japan town sells little bamboo holders just for displaying folding fans.

From the front it looks like an "H". From the two verticals there is a little "L" shaped thing that sticks out to hold the fan up and keeps it from falling off the wall. The hinge for the fan goes in the middle. Works great, but I have no idea what its called or where else to buy one.

you might be able to find something very similar that is used to display and hang plates that will work, or DIY it pretty easily.

Otherwise I'd probably go with a display box.
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